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Islamophobia Scottish Conference 2019

Al Aqsa Mosque
Sat 14 Dec 2019 11:00am to 7:00pm
Renfield Centre
260 Bath Street
G2 4JP

Doors open 10.30 for a prompt start at 11am (times may be subject to change, please check for updates).

This year's theme is "Islamophobia and Shrinking Civil Society Space".

Speakers: Moazzam Begg (Cage), Ahmed Uddin (IHRC), Tasneem Ali (Muslim Women's Association of Edinburgh), Omar Afzal (Muslim Council of Scotland), Mick Napier (Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign), Malia Bouattia (former NUS President), Nargess Moballeghi (journalist) and Ibtihal Ramadan (researcher at the University of Edinburgh and former tertiary teacher in the Palestinian occupied territories).

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The Conference will discuss the ways that civil society space has shrunk and how Islamophobia is driving much of this.

Whether it is the demonization of immigrant communities in America, religious minorities in India or pro-Palestinian NGOs promoting BDS in Germany, powerful groups are using the state, media and group violence to silence and suppress those they oppose.

The common factor in attacks against Muslims participating in civil society is the attempt to delegitimise them by measuring them against loaded definitions of extremism. It is character assassination dressed up as research. The aim is  to panic society into reconsidering its association with Muslim organisations. Unless challenged, the Islamophobic ideas underpinning these campaigns will become normalised.

The full programme is here.

Flyer (pdf)

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The conference is organised in Glasgow by SACC and IHRC in association with a simiar conference on the same day in London. This is the fifth year in which SACC and IHRC have held a Scottish conference on Islamophobia in association with conferences in London and elsewhere in Europe.

Prior registration is strongly recommended. We're suggesting that  attendees make a small financial contribution (we suggest £3- £10, according to means). Free for people aged 16 or under and asylum seekers (but please register).

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