• 08 April 2020

    The Coronavirus (Scotland) Act contains measures that cause us serious concern. We are also remain gravely concerned over Scottish Government proposals, not included in the Act but potentially still in the pipeline, to abolish jury trials. SACC is calling for 5 steps to be taken to set the situation right.

  • 02 April 2020

    The Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill contains measures that will alleviate the pressure on hundreds of thousands of ordinary people. It also contains measures intended only to relieve the pressure on government and governmental machinery

  • 03 March 2020

    As organisations opposed to all forms of racism, we regret that we are unable to support the march organised in Glasgow by Stand Up to Racism to mark the UN's International Day Against Racial Discrimination

  • 11 December 2019

    The sixth annual IHRC/SACC Islamophobia Conference will take place on Saturday with concurrent events in London and Glasgow. This year's conferences will focus on the relationship between Islamophobia and the widely-noted shrinkage of civil society space.

  • 30 August 2019

    SACC is asking the Scottish Parliament's Cross Party Group on Tackling Islamophobia to look into the detention and questioning of Muslims at Scottish ports and airports under controversial UK anti-terror powers.

  • 05 July 2019

    SACC supports the working definition of Islamophobia put forward by the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on British Muslims but cannot endorse the APPG report "Islamophobia Defined"

  • 15 March 2019

    As organisations opposed to all forms of racism, we are dismayed that Stand Up to Racism Scotland will be allowing organisations that actively support Israeli apartheid and racism to participate in its annual anti-racism march in Glasgow. Under these circumstances we cannot support the march. 

  • 07 February 2019

    We regret that this year we cannot support SUTR’s anti-racism march, to be held in Glasgow on 16 March, as we understand that it will include representation from Glasgow Friends of Israel (GFI) and the Confederation of Friends of Israel, Scotland (COFIS).

Background & Comment

  • by Richard Haley
    Otheristani, an animated poem by Talha Ahsan

    Otherstani is a newly-released animation of a poem by Talha Ahsan.  Talha wrote the poem during his time in prison where he spent 8 years across the UK and the United States without trial.

  • Hajo Meyer

    Speech by holocaust survivor Hajo Meyer at a public meeting in the Augustine Church, Edinburgh on Saturday 23 January 2010.

    "Only people who are already dehumanised due to indoctrination and propaganda are able to dehumanise others. These occupation forces are not really human. A great part of the Israeli population, not all of them, is dehumanised after three generations"

  • by Richard Haley
    No war with Iran, Edinburgh 9 Jan 2020

    Speech at No War With Iran protest organised by Edinburgh Stop the War Coalition on the evening of 9 January 2020. We need to demand that British and US troops get right out of the Middle East, right now. And while they’re at it, covert operatives and private military contractors – mercenaries to you and me – need to get out too.

  • Islamophobia Conference 2019, Ibtihal Ramadan speaking

    The sixth annual IHRC/SACC Islamophobia Conference took place on 14 December 2019 with concurrent events in London and Glasgow. This year's conferences focussed on the relationship between Islamophobia and the widely-noted shrinkage of civil society space. Report and videos.

  • launch of the inquiry into Islamophobia in Scotland

    Submission to the Inquiry into Islamophobia in Scotland conducted by the Scottish Parliament’s Cross Party Group (CPG) on Tackling Islamophobia from Scotland Against Criminalising Communities (SACC)

  • by Hal Fish
    Graduation day, Cambridge University, May 2015

    The thought of Oxbridge does not conjure an image of multiculturalism, it brings to mind a procession of Eton graduates and members of the Bullingdon boys club continuing on a production line for the entitled, white and wealthy. Oxford took on 2180 white students in 2016, while accepting just 35 black applicants.

  • by Abddurrahman Ezz
    Abdurrahman Ezz

    Abdurrahman Ezz describes how police at Edinburgh airport questioned him under draconian "Schedule 7" anti-terrorism powers and then pinned him to the floor of a disabled toilet, leaving him with injuries that are still impacting his day to day life.

  • by Hal Fish
    UK Visa

    The Home Office is refusing visa applications from Africans at twice the rate of applications from elsewhere in the world. Critics say this amounts to an unofficial "travel ban" on academics, businesses, church and NGO leaders, musicians, artists and performers from Middle Eastern and African countries.

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