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Using SACC material

  • Original material created by SACC or individuals working on behalf of SACC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License Creative Commons Licence. Material on our website is covered by this license unless otherwise stated, or unless one of the points below is applicable.
  • Some contributors to our website may have retained their copyright. This will normally be noted on the page where their contribution appears. The contributor may be contacted via SACC if no other contact details are given.
  • Images accompanying articles on our website are in many cases subject to a separate license, normally noted beside the image or elsewhere on the page.
  • Some of the material on our website is re-published from elsewhere under the "fair use" principle recognised in UK law and in numerous other jurisdictions. The source of all such material is noted on the page where it appears. Neither our use of this material, nor any statement made on our website, affects the rights of the copyright holder. You should make your own assessment of the applicability of the "fair use" principle before re-publishing this material.

If you would like to use SACC material in ways not covered by the Creative Commoms license referred to above (for example, if your use is commercial or if it appears that copyright may be held by an individual contributor to our website), or if you are in any doubt about the applicability of the license, please contact SACC.

Legacy Licensing

Material published before 24 September 2018 was licensed under terms that allowed it to be used freely in support of SACC's aims. Material obtained from our website before that date remains subject to our legacy license. Material obtained from our website on or after that date is subject to the Creative Commons licence referred to above.

  • If you re-published SACC material prior to this date, you don't need to change anything. People accessing SACC material via your publication retain their right to re-publish under the earlier license.
  • Our current license gives a wider range of publishers the right to use our material without any further permission from us. But everyone re-publishing our material must now (unless we explicitly waive these conditions) include an attribution to SACC (a backlink is a particularly welcome form of attribution) and, if adapting our material, must make their adapted material available to others under a license similar to our current license.