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Conference - Is the Sun Setting on the Western Empire?

This is a reminder for the Annual Islamophobia Conference co-organised by IHRC, SACC and DIN, this year taking place online from 9 – 11 December.
During the weekend, we have prepared 4 sessions and 2 plenaries chaired by Saeed Khan, Seyfeddin Kara and Richard Haley. We hope that you can join us and further details have been outlined below.
This year’s topic ‘Is the Sun Setting on the Western Empire? Exploring Shifts in Global Power and Islamophobic Thinking’ will look at the challenges faced by Muslims experiencing Islamophobia in minoritized and majority situations in the Global North and South, as the balance of power shifts from a unipolar to a multipolar world.  Does the shift herald a more just world or will Muslims and racialised peoples find themselves at the mercy of continuing cycles of otherisations?  What can social movements do to ensure that transformation becomes just and meaningful?

More details and full schedule here.

Watch below (you can post questions for the speakers in the YouTube comments section.

The conference will also be streamed via the IHRC and SACC Facebook pages:

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