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Fronting for Islam

Theresa May at  Al Madina Mosque, east London

The Spirit of Theresa May has been magically recreated in an apparently ordinary person of Scottish extraction. This morning we received, via the contact form on our website, a request for advice on police powers by "an expat visiting Scotland in the summer".

A few minutes later we received the following message from the same person:

"Please disregard my previous email, I made a mkstake [sic] in seeking any advice whatsoever from your organisation. This is not an apology. You are a front  for Islamists. We have nothing in common.

Shalom from a Govanite"

Well of course. Opposing UK-US imperialism and its domestic franchises makes you an Islamist Extremist. It says so in the Government's Prevent Guidance for Scotland. It must be true.

Photo: © UK Home Office