SACC needs money for its campaigns, and it needs people who can add their name and their voice to the call for justice

Individuals can join SACC for an annual subscription of £5 (waged) or £3 (unwaged and students).  Organisations can affiliate for an annual fee of £20.00. Our membership fees are minimal in order to allow everyone to participate. If you can afford more, please consider including a donation.

Membership is open to all who support our aims.

You can join online or by post, or at any of our events.

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In joining SACC, you agree to support SACC's aims:

  • To campaign against the use of excessive state powers to criminalise political activity which are contained within the Terrorism act 2000, the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001, the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005, the Terrorism Act 2006 and the Counter-Terrorism Act 2008; to campaign for the repeal of these acts; to campaign against any other legislation that has a similar effect; to monitor the use of such legislation and to work in close association with the communities most affected by these acts in order to highlight their discriminatory nature.
  • To demand that everyone must be treated as innocent until proven guilty; that habeas corpus (the right of a person to be brought before a judge to determine if their detention is lawful) be fully respected and to demand those imprisoned without trial are released or granted a fair tria

If you want to donate an amount that isn't shown in the list, please complete your SACC membership by checking out your shopping cart, then visit our donation page.

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To join by post, download, print and complete our membership form and send it, with a cheque,  to the address on the form.