About SACC

Campaign Aims

  • To campaign against the use of excessive state powers to criminalise political activity which are contained within the Terrorism act 2000, the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001, the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005, the Terrorism Act 2006 and the Counter-Terrorism Act 2008; to campaign for the repeal of these acts; to campaign against any other legislation that has a similar effect; to monitor the use of such legislation and to work in close association with the communities most affected by these acts in order to highlight their discriminatory nature.
  • To demand that everyone must be treated as innocent until proven guilty; that habeas corpus (the right of a person to be brought before a judge to determine if their detention is lawful) be fully respected and to demand those imprisoned without trial are released or granted a fair tria

SACC Constitution

Please join us. Membership of SACC only costs £5 per year if you waged, or £3 per yaer if you are unwaged. Organisations can affiliate for £20 per year.

More about SACC

SACC was set up in March 2003 in response to fears that minority communities in Scotland were being victimised to create a climate of fear and to provide a justification for the invasion of Iraq and for a policy of threat and aggression elsewhere in the world. Many of the people who created SACC were also active in the Stop the War campaign.

We supported the Algeran men who were arrested in Scotland in the winter of 2002/2003. Charges against the men have now been dropped. We supported their subsequent applications for asylum in this country and organised support for them in court.

We have successfully countered some of the disinformation appearing in the mediaabout "terror suspects".

We see the current attack on civil liberties as an integral part of the new wave of imperialism exemplified by the Anglo-US invasion of Iraq and the continuing war in Afghanistan.

SACC recognises that the UK's anti-terrorist legislation unfairly targets refugees and asylum-seekers. We maintain close links with the Glasgow Welcomes Refugees and Edinburgh Welcomes Refugees campaigns.

We defend the democratic right of everyone - including refugee and expatriate communities - to dissent and to resist oppression, nationally and internationally. We support community organisations and solidarity campaigns in their exercise of this right.

We promote and support public meetings throughout Scotland to highlight the way that civil liberties are being eroded in the name of the War on Terrorand to help people organise in defence of their rights.

We encourage people to give personal support to prisoners through letter-writing campaigns and other activities.

Friends and supporters

SACC is affiliated to the UK-wide Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC) to the UK-wide Stop The War Coalition and to theNational Guantanamo Coalition.

SACC endorses the Declaration of Unite Against Fascism, a broad-based coalition formed to resist the BNP.

Organisations that SACC is affiliated to don't necessarily endorse the views held by SACC.

Organisations affiliated to SACC or participating in a formal arrangement for mutual support include:

  • The Edinburgh Stop The War Coalition www.edinburghstw.org.uk
  • The Midlothian Coalition for Justice Not War;
  • Positive Action in Housing www.paih.org
  • Midlothian Trades Union Council
  • UCATT (Midlothian Branch)
  • Berwick Coalition for Justice Not War
  • Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign www.scottishpsc.org.uk


Membership of SACC is open to all organisations and individuals who support our Campaign Aims.