SACC campaigns against Britain's terrorism laws, against torture and detention without trial, against laws that criminalise political and community activity, against the so-called war on terror. SACC stands up for human rights and civil liberties.


Resisting World War 1

A new website is being launched to tell the story of the people and social movements that resisted World War 1

What's Wrong with the Terrorism Acts?

SACC campaigns for the repeal of the UK's Terrorism Act 2000 and all subsequent anti-terrorism legislation. These laws undermine fundamental human rights and criminalise whole communities.
The Terrorism Acts - why they are wrong

Write to the Detainees

There are many detainees in Britain held without charge or trial in a type of house arrest .
Please write to them

Background & Comment

  • Police at a demo against the fascist SDL, Edinburgh, June 2013
    SACC Briefing on your rights under Stop and Search laws
  • by Richard Haley
    The Old Bailey
    Questions about the role of a British terrorism "supergrass" Saajid Badat highlight the shoddiness of Britain's justification for the war in Afghanistan and raise concerns that the British justice system is about to become entangled in an unjust "trial" at Guantánamo Bay.
  • by Joy Hurcombe
    Moazzam Begg
    Joy Hurcombe, Chair of the Save Shaker Aamer Campaign, says "Moazzam's work has been recognised across the world. Free Moazzam Begg, drop the charges, now"
  • by Akhtar Khan
    A tradition of solidarity - Scottish Left Review
    Scotland is well known for its vibrant political activist scene on social justice and humanitarian issues at home and abroad, from participating in international brigades in the 1936-39 Spanish civil war against fascism to the Red Clydeside trade union movement, to more recently its leading role in the antiwar movement in UK.
  • by Zareen Taj
     Bethlehem wall with graffiti depicting Leila Khaled, 2012

    The love for human beings at the core of Helen Keller’s and Safiya Bukhari’s beliefs and activism is what is more productive than hate. We need to nurture a new strong society not just overthrow oppressors. That’s where women’s voices are so important in politics.

    (published in the Scottish Left Review)

  • by Robina Qureshi
    PAIH service users
    The constant barrage of anti immigrant rhetoric emanating from UK government ministers and certain tabloid press is sickening. Politicians should be careful of targeting communities in their immoral, calculated blame game
  • Police at a demo against the fascist SDL, Edinburgh, June 2013

    The Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice has published a new report on Stop and Search in Scotland. They say that "non-statutory" stop and search should be phased out.

  • by Abdullah Öcalan
    Abdullah Öcalan

    Letter to the Guardian from Abdullah Öcalan, in response to their editorial n the occasion of Nelson Mandela's death (5 December 2013) - "Madiba and I have more parallels than contrasts"