SACC campaigns against Britain's terrorism laws, against torture and detention without trial, against laws that criminalise political and community activity, against the so-called war on terror. SACC stands up for human rights and civil liberties.


Resisting World War 1

A new website is being launched to tell the story of the people and social movements that resisted World War 1

What's Wrong with the Terrorism Acts?

SACC campaigns for the repeal of the UK's Terrorism Act 2000 and all subsequent anti-terrorism legislation. These laws undermine fundamental human rights and criminalise whole communities.
The Terrorism Acts - why they are wrong

Write to the Detainees

There are many detainees in Britain held without charge or trial in a type of house arrest .
Please write to them

Background & Comment

  • Police kettle anti-war protestors, Glasgow 2003
    The old culture of police paternalism has been mixed with the cowboy leadership style of Chief Constable Stephen House and with the fact of a national police force in Scotland. It's a deadly cocktail
  • Nicola Sturgeon
    The Scottish Government has responded to SACC's Open Letter on Prevent. It does not acknowledge our concerns or offer any suggestion that the Scottish Government might take steps to mitigate the harm done by the UK Government's Prevent programme
  • by Richard Haley
    Shelu Bayoh campaign launch
    "I don't know exactly what happened on that Sunday morning when Sheku died. What I know beyond reasonable doubt is that the response of Police Scotland after the event was unacceptable, and that the PIRC investigation was so inadequate that its failure was assured." - Statement by Richard Haley, Chair of SACC, at the Press Conference/Campaign launch in Glasgow on 25 July 2015
  • by Aamer Anwar
    Shelu Bayoh campaign launch
    Statement by Aamer Anwar at the campaign launch and press conference on 25 July
  • by CAMPACC
    Statement by CAMPACC for IHRC-CAMPACC conference, 'Preventing Violent Extremism?', 13 June 2015, London. How to build collective resistance which undermines the Prevent agenda? We need to understand better how it exerts pressures on administrators, staff and students to comply.
  • Theresa May at  Al Madina Mosque, east London
    The Spirit of Theresa May has been magically recreated in an apparently ordinary person of Scottish extraction "You are a front for Islamists" says expat Scot to SACC.
  • Statement by Collette Bell (partner of Sheku Bayoh), read out the press conference in Edinburgh on15 May. Sheku Bayoh died in police custody in Kirkcaldy on 3 May 2015.
  • Statement about Sheku Bayoh by his sister Kadiiartu Johnson. Sheku died in police custody in Kirkaldy on 3 May 2015