Forgotten Genocide

Forgotten Genocide
Sat 3 Oct 2015 2:30pm to 4:30pm
Room RC669, Royal College, University of Strathclyde
204 George Street
G1 1X

Doors Open 2pm

Screening of the new documentary 'Forgotten Genocide' and discussion with Arzu Merali (Producer), Haq Ghani (Glasgow activist who was involved in aid to Bosnia) and others.

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Laying bare truths long left unspoken, 'Forgotten Genocide' is a moving and informative documentary that uses archival footage of the war to illustrate the oft-forgotten years of the early to mid '90s when countless Bosnian lives were lost, women were raped and children were sent to concentration camps. Complete with personal accounts from survivors, the testimonies of prisoners and interviews with the likes of Murat Tahirovic – president of the Association of Witnesses and Victims of Genocide – a compelling but devastating picture is painted.

The film traces the beginnings of the war from the collapse of former Yugoslavia and follows the intentioned killing of civilians and pillaging of land using expert testimony to argue that the entirety of the war constitutes genocide. Director Assed Baig describes it as 'an important opportunity to remember and recognise a truly tragic history that has never been paid its due respect.'

"Scotland gave a home to refugees who fled Bosnia in the 1990s. Today, refugees are coming to Europe to escape the catastrophe that has engulfed Syria. Many of them are having to confront the threat from islamophobia in the very places in which they hoped to find safety. Islamophobia is the poison that precipitated the horrors of the Bosnian war, and it is no less poisonous today. Most of us have yet to appreciate the full facts of what happened in Bosnia, let alone draw the necessary lessons from it. This film could not be more timely." - Richard Haley

Viewer discretion is advised. Some content may be upsetting and unsuitable for younger viewers

Admission is free and open to all (subject to parental discretion for younger viewers.

'Forgotten Genocide' is an IHRC film. It was launched in London on 15 September.

Director: Assed Baig; Assistant producer: Selma Fisekovic; Translator: Amra Suljic; Camera: Darrell Williams and Turab Shah; Editor: Dhruv Shah; Graphics: Ibrahim Sadikovic; Researcher: Thania Uddin; Narrator: Henrietta Meire; Archive Footage: Hayat TV, Radio televizija Tuzlanskog kantona; Producer: Arzu Merali.

This screening is organised jointly by SACC and IHRC

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