Sharp increase in Prevent referals in Scotland

109 people living in Scotland were reported in 2018 as being vulnerable to radicalisation, according to figures released by Police Scotland in December 2018. They were reported under the controversial "Prevent" scheme. Prevent deals with views and conduct that are not criminal, but that are supposedly “extremist” and that the Government regards as being linked to terrorism. SACC believes that Prevent is discriminatory, Islamophobic, promotes a climate of suspicion and should be scrapped.

Just 3 people were reported in the period from 2011 to October 2013, and none at all in the period between October 2013 and October 2015. The rapid growth in the number of reports is most likely a reflection of the roll-out pf Prevent training amongst public sector staff in Scotland, rather than of any change in the prevalence of "extremist" views.

Of the 109 people reported in 2018, 34 were aged between 15 and 20. 38 cases focused on 'international extremism'. 23 were reported over fears about 'extreme right wing' groups.

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