You can navigate this site without a mouse by using keyboard shortcuts known as access keys. These shortcuts will take you to bookmarks within a page (e.g., main content, Top of the page etc, input field) as well as commonly accessed pages throughout the site (e.g. Home page, Contact page).

You can also use the TAB key to step between elements such as links and form input fields. You can use this feature to access elements that don't have access keys assigned to them.

The operation of the access keys depends on the browser and operating system you are using.A particular peculiarity is that some browsers will activate a link as soon as you skip to it with an access key. These browsers will also cause the page you are viewing to reloadif you use an access key to skip to a bookmark within it. Other browsers will only activate a link or reload a page if you press the enter key.


  • in Microsoft Internet Explorer 4, press "alt" and letter at same time;
  • in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or later, press "alt" and the letter to focus on a link or bookmark, then(if appropriate) press the enter key to activate the link;
  • in Netscape 6 or above, press alt" and letter ;
  • in Firefox, press "alt" and "shift" and letter at same time

Where access keys for this website conflict with accelerator keys on the Internet Explorer menu,(eg Alt+H for help), the access keys for this website take precedence. To use the Internet Exploreraccelerator key, you need to press Alt first, then the accelerator key. You may find that otherapplications running on your computer (eg 3rd party "sticky notes" applications) use accelerator keys that take precedence over the access keys for this website - but the application mayallow you to resolve the conflict by changing its accelerator keys.


  • in IE5 or above, press Control+AccessKey (some systems need you to hold the Command key as well);
  • in iCab 2.8 or above, press Control+AccessKey (sometimes need to click on page first);
  • in Netscape 6 or above press Control+AccessKey;
  • in Safari, press the "CTRL" key and press the number or letter of the access key;

Access keys used on this site

This website uses standard access keys suggested by the UK government (marked * ), plus some additional keys specific to the site. Access keys are not case-sensitive

  • t Top of the page;
  • s Skip the header and top navigation links, focusing the browser on the beginning of the page's content *;
  • 1 Link to Home page *;
  • 4 Link to search page (Search our site) *;
  • 6 Link to Help page *;
  • 9 Link to Contact page *;
  • 0 Link to page with keyboard access information (this page) *;
  • q Focus on a box where a search query can be entered (if present on the page);
  • e Focus on a box where your email address can be entered (if present on the page);