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BBC lose demo

Press Release for Scotland Against Criminalising Communities
10.00am, Sunday 25 June - for immediate release

The BBC yesterday didn't manage to spot 30 or more protestors, some large banners saying "Stop Torture", a man in a Guantanamo-style orange suit, handcuffs and a mask and a rather famous former British ambassador called Craig Murray. These aren't things that blend easily into a Saturday afternoon crowd at Edinburgh airport, but the BBC managed somehow to overlook them and report "Demonstrations at Edinburgh and Prestwick failed to materialise." The demonstrators were protesting at the failure of the Scottish Executive, the Westminster government and police to take action over growing evidence that British airports are being used to facilitate extraordinary rendition.

Craig Murray held the crowd spell-bound with a speech on Foreign Office complicity in torture, and Sheena Cleland, SNP Parliamentary candidate for Edinburgh West, pledged her party's continued opposition to "extraordinary rendition." A dossier compiled by the SNP on landings by aircraft linked to the CIA has been incorporated into the report on extraordinary rendition by Council of Europe Rapporteur Dick Marty.