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Call for inquiry into Algerian arrests

Scotland Against Criminalising Communities calls for a full inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the terrorism arrests in London and Scotland last December. There has been speculation for some time that the police had been unable to turn up any serious evidence against the men. This is now confirmed by the Crown's decision to drop all charges against them. It is a disgrace that the men have had these charges hanging over them since March, when they were granted police bail. It was quite clear by then that the police did not regard the men as a danger to the public. We fear that the only reason for the long delay was to shield the police and the government from embarrassing media questions. But the questions that should have been asked in March are just as pressing today. We want to know whether the arrests were prompted by the government's efforts to whip up a climate of fear to justify the war on Iraq. Only a full inquiry can put this suspicion to rest.