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Watch Again - Edinburgh SACC Hustings

SACC Edinburgh hustis, 2016

Our hustings for Lothian region were held in the Augustine United Church, Edinburgh on Monday 25 April, chaired by Zahin Ali.

The speakers were Cat Headley (Labour, Lothian list candidate), Jacquie Bell (Lib Dems, Lothian list candidate), Colin Fox (RISE, Lothian list candidate), Lorna Slater (Greens Lothian list candidate), Kevin Gore (Solidarity), Kate MacDonald (Women's Equality Party, Kate MacDonald), Alex Stewart Clark (Conservatives, constituency candidate for Mid Fife and Glenrothes) and Alison Dickie (SNP, constituency candidate for Edinburgh Central).

The candidates were all asked to focus particularly on SACC's policy for the election.

 * NO to the racist PREVENT strategy * YES to refugees * NO to military recruitment in schools * YES to effective controld over stop and search * NO to the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act * YES to the Human Rights Act * NO to mass surveillance

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