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UAF warns that fascist groups will exploit the Paris shootings

In statement issued on 8 January, Unite Against Fascism (UAF) condemns the Paris shootings and warns of the danger that far-right and fascist groups will try to exploit the tragedy.

UAF says:

"While condemning this attack, we must act against the danger that fascist, racist and Islamophobic organisations will seek to take advantage of this assault and use it to build support. We cannot allow the actions of a handful of murderous individuals to create the circumstances for rise in support for organisations that would genuinely persecute Muslims and undermine all of our rights. On the day of the attack #killallmuslims trended worldwide.

Fascist and far right groups that are advancing in Europe pose a real and grave threat to freedom and democracy. In France the Euro-fascist Front National will seek to take advantage. It is an organisation that does not use Nazi imagery but its origins lie in Vichy France and convicted Holocaust deniers such as former leader Jean Marie Le Pen, Marine Le Pen’s father."

Full statement from UAF

SACC supports the UAF statement