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Tommy Sheridan files application to appeal

Tommy Sheridan is to file an application with the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission today seeking to overturn his conviction for perjury

His lawyer, Gordon Dangerfield, said:

"I believe that the submission and supporting documents which we are lodging today with the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission present an absolutely compelling case that Tommy Sheridan's conviction for perjury was a miscarriage of justice. We seek that the Commission refers the case back to the High Court for further appeal procedure.

"I believe not just that the perjury conviction will be quashed in due course but that Tommy will be completely vindicated.

History will place Tommy and Gail Sheridan beside the very few other courageous individuals such as Tom Watson and Nick Davies who were prepared to stand up to the Murdoch empire at whatever the cost to themselves. It's because of the stand they took that we now have some hope at last that the dark days of Murdoch's rule may be coming to an end."

Tommy Sheridan said:

“I am supremely confident my 2010 conviction will be quashed. It was unsafe and unsavoury. We now have the proof required to expose the extent of the fit up I was subjected to. The truth will out”.