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Scotland gears up for National Voter Registration Day

Press release from Bite the Ballot

Thousands of Scots set to be registered to vote on February 5th.

The first ever National Voter Registration Day (NRVD) is set to take place next Wednesday the 5th February, with over 250,000 new voters aimed to be registered across the UK.

Organised by Bite the Ballot, and supported by organisations such as the National Union of Students, ASDA and TeachFirst, the day aims to raise the profile of the importance of voting, especially amongst young people.

There will be activities and 'registration rallies' all over Scotland on the day, with numerous universities, colleges and local authorities participating.

The day takes on special significance in Scotland with the independence referendum approaching and 16-17 year olds voting for the first time.

Bite the Ballot's Scotland organiser, Liam O'Hare said "There is a million people not on the voting register in Scotland. With the independence referendum approaching, there is no better time to engage the disengaged.

On National Voter Registration Day we hope to give a voice to thousands of Scots. And this will only be the beginning of our efforts to ensure that every eligible person in Scotland will have a vote come the 18th September."