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Citizen Smart cleared of "racism" over anti-Tory song

Citizen Smart acquitted

Alan Smart (aka Citizen Smart) was acquitted on 17 March of racism charges for singing "Go on home English Tories go on home" outside the Tory party conference in Stirling on 7 June 2013. The Sheriff ruled that there was no case to answer.

Alan Smart had been charged with acting in a racially aggravated manner that caused or was intended to cause alarm and distress.

Sheriff Robertson said: "I'm satisfied that in law there is no case to answer. We've lost the art of drawing the line, it seems to me."

Photo: Alan Smart outside Stirling Sheriff Court with lawyer Aamer Anwar and defence witnesses Roothie Roo, Gerry McLauglan and Eleanor Crawford

Protestor cleared of racism for songs about English Tories (report in The Herald)