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Racist Attacks in Scotland

There have been a number racist attacks in Scotland recently - possibly a result of the racism of the mood of racism and Islamophobia that has been stirred up in the aftermath of the murder of Lee Rigby in Woolwich

Scottish Police accused of failing to investigate racist attack

On Friday 24 May a private hire driver reported to police that he had been attacked in Dennistoun, Glasgow. He said he had been racially abused, punched and kicked at outside the bar by three attackers, all whites aged around 25, using words such as "P***" and "Muslim". He tried to escape in his cab but was chased by the three men in another car, which eventually collided with him.

Lawyer Aamer Anwar has recently written to the police to complain about their handling of the incident. He says:

"Police Scotland have at best failed in their duty of care to the victim and at worst are guilty of institutional racism and systematic failure to investigate a serious crime of assault.

"The insensitive treatment of any victim of crime by police officers in such a manner is totally unacceptable."

Aamer Anwar says that police haven't visted the victim since the incident, and that they have taken three weeks to obtain CCTV footage of the incident. He says that the attack was unprovoked and amounted to attempted murder, and that he now fears that the attackers may go free.

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Asian Student attacked by racist thugs in Glasgow

Sonoo Yaqoob, a 19 year-old Asian man from Cambuslang, was attacked on Monday 24 June at around 15:30 hours in Queens Park, Glasgow. He says that he was punched and stabbed and thrown down to the ground and that at one point he was attacked with syringe needles as well. A lot of bottles were thrown at him and that one of the bottles hit his head. The attack continued for about five minutes until police sirens sounded, at which point the attackers left the scene. Mr Yaqoob was admitted overnight to Victoria Infirmary.

Racist attack in Edinburgh

Police in north Edinurgh appealed for witnesses following an alleged racist attack that took place on Tuesday 28 May 2013 at around 06:00 pm in the Muirhouse area.

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