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42 Days - The Fightback begins

"I never thought I would be in the House of Commons on the day Magna Carta was repealed." - Tony Benn

"There will be widespread consternation among our supporters seeing a Labour Government prepared to use every tactic available in its determination to crush essential civil liberties...This is no way to run a Government. Securing votes by threats, bribes and personal pleading demeans the role of the Prime Minister." - John McDonnell MP (Labour)

"Rarely has a government hazarded so much of its credibility for so narrow a victory - and in such certainty that it will shortly crumble into pitiful defeat" - Simon Hoggart (The Guardian)

Gordon Brown has brought the Labour Party and the British Parliament into disrepute by using of bribery and threats to win a hairsbreadth majority for the extension to 42 days detention without charge for terrorist suspects - a measure that almost nobody sincerely supports. The Labour MPs who supported this crazy plan must also share the blame. The only Scottish Labour MP to oppose the government was Katy Clark (Ayrshire North and Arran). She deserves our thanks. The others chose to put the Prime Minister's favours before common sense. Some of them had previously told constituents they would oppose 42 day detention, or were thinking of doing do so. They deserve nothing but contempt.

42 day detention is likely to be rejected by the House of Lords and sent back to the Commons for MPs to think again. Please tell your MP that you expect them to vote against it when they next get a chance. The absurdity of the measure - which not even the police want - is now exposed for all to see. There is no reason for any MP to support the plan.

There is only one way for Brown to get out of this. He should withdraw the Counter Terrorism Bill.

Please sign the Downing Street petition asking him to abandon the Bill. And please ask your friends to sign

42 day detention won't make the country safer - not in any circumstances. The only thing that will do that is to bring the troops home from the Middle East. Doing that will also save the lives of British soldiers and will give the people of the Middle East the best chance still remaining to them to build a peaceful future.

How did your MP vote?