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Straw to intercede for Guantanamo detainee

In a surprise U-turn, the government says it will seek the release from Guantánamo Bay of Bisher al-Rawi, one of 8 British residents still held there. The government has previously refused to help the men on the grounds that they aare not British citizens.

The government statement came in the course of a Judicial Review into the government's lack of action. But the Foreign Office says that Mr Rawi's "circumstances" are different from those of the other eight British residents in Guantánamo Bay. Mr Rawi told a US military tribunal in 2004 that MI5 urged him to remain friends with Abu Qatada (a scholar formerly detained under the the Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Act 2001 and now threatened with deportation) so he could inform on him.

The judicial review continues. Lawyers for the detainnes will argue that the government has a duty to assist all the British residents at Guantanamo Bay. The court's decision will be announced in 2-3 weeks
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