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Detainee released unconditionally

Detainee "C", held without charge or trial at Woodhill Priosn under the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001, has been released unconditionally and his certification as a "suspected international terrorist" has been revoked.

His lawyer, Natalie Garcia, said "It came completely out of the blue,...We were given no indication in court that this was going to happen. In effect, the home secretary has now admitted that C is no danger to anyone at all, which is what we've said from the very beginning, but it has taken three years and his life has been decimated in the meantime."

C was, she said, "delighted to be released, but very perplexed and confused about the whole situation and couldn't understand why he had been interned for three years on the basis of nothing at all and suddenly released".

Guardian Article