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Defend Professor David Miller

Action Date: 

22 February 2021 to 22 March 2021


Professor David Miller
Professor David Miller

Professor David Miller last week came under renewed attack from the Israel lobby, this time as a result of comments he made at an online conference held by the Labour Campaign for Free Speech on 13 February. His job is at risk and he urgently needs your support.

At the conference David Miller reminded everyone that Zionism is racism and posed the question: "how do we defeat the ideology of Zionism in practice? How do we make sure Zionism is ended?"

David Miller is a professor at Bristol University. Many people will know him from his time at Stirling and then Strathclyde Universities, for his groundbreaking creation of Spinwatch to monitor corporate lobbying and for his role as co-editor of the book "What is Islamophobia? Racism, Social Movements and the State."

It's no surprise that Zionists dislike the question David Miller asked and are saying so loudly and calling for David Miller to be sacked. But it ought to be a suprise that his university has so far failed to make a clear and robust statement to support him.

Watch David Miller's contribition to the conference:

Read David Miller's article about the attacks on him: We must resist Israel’s war on British universities

He says:

"The lobby has been very clear. It wants me sacked and has been trying to achieve this for two years. Because of a failure of Britain’s institutions – political parties, media outlets, universities and public bodies – to properly investigate and understand how Israel’s lobby works in practice and their failure to reject the tactic of manufacturing 'anti-Semitism' scandals as a cynical ploy, we are now in the position where fanatical advocates for one of the most dangerous states in the world attempt to demand a veto on who teaches in our universities."

Read Tony Greenstein's article about the issue: Defend Bristol University’s Professor David Miller – Defend Academic Freedom – Defend Free Speech

What You Can Do

  1. Write to Bristol University, asking it to make an unambiguous statement in support of Professor Miller (see sample letter from Chris Williamson below).
    Write to:
    Professor Hugh Brady, Vice Chancellor and President University of Bristol, Beacon House, Queens Road, Bristol BS8 1QU  
  2. If you are in the UCU (University and College Union), or have friends or contacts who are, please urge the UCU nationally to issue a statement in support of David Miller. It is very important that it does so - please act urgently if you are in a position to influence the UCU.
  3. Sign the petition started by Tony Greenstein.
  4. Share this action alert and the articles mentioned in it. Use the hashtag #IStandWithDavidMiller

Sample letter from Chris Williamson

Dear Professor Brady


I am deeply concerned by the ongoing hysterical attacks against Professor David Miller, which have been growing apace since his most recent condemnation of the racist Zionist project. This latest episode is part of a pernicious campaign of censorship that is currently being waged against British universities by apologists for the State of Israel.

So far, there has been an outrageous lack of solidarity with Professor Miller from the University of Bristol. Even though he is a senior academic, with a long track-record of excellence in teaching, the university has only been able to muster a mealy-mouthed response. Evidently, the lack of a decisive public statement on your part has left the door open to bad faith actors to continue pursuing this censorship drive.

Universities should be the standard bearers of academic freedom and should take seriously their responsibility to uphold the right to freedom of expression. Furthermore, like any employer, they must also ensure that they protect their staff from malicious complaints.

To allow a politically motivated lynch mob free rein to continue attacking Professor Miller would be a gross failure that would bring the University of Bristol into disrepute. I therefore urge you to consider the implications of your current approach, to promptly make an unambiguous statement in support of Professor Miller, and to denounce those who are endangering him as well as academic freedom at your university.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Williamson

Former MP for Derby North