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Today is three twenty - what does that mean?

Iraq, July/August 2003

Today is the 12th anniversary of the (illegal) attack on Iraq by the US with Britain in tow because we were told Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.   Some 12 years on the electricity in Iraq has still not been properly restored and of course Iraq now has had Al-Qaeda and now ISIS to contend with. Millions of Iraqis are refugees - in fact the combined number of Iraqi and Syrian refugees is of the order of 14 million - more than the population of Greater London.

Today is of course 'three twenty' - does that ring a bell? It probably doesn't. How about 'nine eleven'? Of course everyone knows what that means - the September 11th attacks on the USA. Why do people not remember 'three twenty' meaning March 20th the date of the illegal US/British attack on Iraq in 2003? Around 3,000 people sadly died on 'nine eleven' - a terrible toll. How many died as a consequence of 'three twenty' and who remembers the victims? Remember the Lancet report which was effectively buried by the media after it estimated hundreds of thousands of Iraqi deaths as a consequence of the US led attack? Remember Abu Ghraib?

The shootings in Paris at Charlie Hebdo happened on January 7th - just over 10 weeks ago. I wrote an analysis of the media coverage comparing the saturation media coverage of the Paris and Denmark (and now Tunis) shootings with the non-coverage of the thousands of deaths in drone attacks and the death of a million Iraqis due to sanctions.

Photo: Iraq July/August 2013. © Some Rights Reserved