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Afghan Election goes to runoff

So what difference does it make to Afghans?
Both candidates are more corrupt than one another

The war in Afghanistan stinks: The land is still illegally occupied by the imperial powers that have got no regard for the people of Afghanistan.

80,000 innocent Afghans killed + 222 young British Boys lost their lives

Resistance Groups have permanent bases in 80% of Afghanistan

The sooner it ends, the better

Simon Jenkins said that "the Afghan war has no real bearing on western security and is merely cover for the western politicians to avoid confronting their past mistakes". True, perhaps the Nobel peace prize could at last vindicate itself. Perhaps Obama should have refused to continue the slaughter in Afghanistan and accept that it is time to go home and earn his award.The American, British and French pressure finally subdued the Afghan President Hamid Karzai to accept a runoff in Afghanistan's disputed election. Hamid Karzai has realised that without listening to his masters there is no any other way out except to accept their decision for rigging the elections. The other important point which the west intentionally does not want to mention is, the vote rigging of Abdullah Abdullah. Did he not steal any votes? Common, he is a professional thief from Northern Alliance. Stealing has become his profession since 1982.

The Afghan people are tired of the west for imposing imperial ideas and western style of democracy which no one wants. I am very sure the turnout for the second round will not be even 15%. There will also be concerns over the security situation - and there's no guarantee that there won't be a repeat of the fraud, which seriously marred the first round of voting. Afghanistan is not an independent country and it is taken from poor Afghans by the imperial powers. The west once promised us reconstruction, employment, jobs, hospitals and above all democracy, human rights and of course the very popular western slogan (women rights). Afghanistan does not need elections and troops, what it needs are resources. You guys should recall your broken promises which were made to Afghans in 2001 just prior to the illegal occupation of our land. The United States and its junior partner in crime the United Kingdom promised to re-build Afghanistan, create employment, hospitals, education, schools, roads, security and stability. Unfortunately as always, rather than fulfilling your promises what you have given Afghans are B52, F16, killed their loved ones, destroyed their houses, ruined their future, snatch their country away from them and have turned the whole region into a battle zone.

On one side the foreign occupiers talk about peace but on the other side you are sending another 40,000 more troops. For the local Afghans it does not make any sense. Did the illegal occupation of Afghanistan by US and UK make the world any safer? No- it makes the world a more dangerous place and in fact more innocent Afghans and young innocent British soldiers have been killed. No Afghans have travelled from Afghanistan and attacked any western country but instead the west came there and attacked Afghanistan and started a vicious war against poor but proud Afghans. So now the west have decided that Karzai should be stripped of outright win and Afghanistan should be continued to be occupied and run by the imperial powers the way they want to run it.

No matter who wins the next round and become the President, it will make no difference to the people of Afghanistan under the current circumstances. The future government will still be dominated by Warlords, Drug Lords, Corrupt Ministers, Security Commanders, Rapists, Thugs, and most importantly people who are War Criminals, wanted for the Killing of poor Afghans, but yet are the close friends of the US, UK and its Allies. They will still be in the next Afghan Parliament and will do dirty deals with them at the expense of poor Afghan people.More innocent Afghans and young innocent British soldiers will die for the lies and sins of Bush, Blair, Obama, Osama, Brown and Mullah Omar. Afghanistan belongs to Afghans and only Afghans should be allowed to decide their own future and no one else have the right to choose our destiny.

Mohammad N Asif
Chair, Scottish Afghan Society
Exiled Afghan Journalist

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