The real threat we face is Blair

John Pilger 17 Aug 2006

If the alleged plot to attack airliners flying from London is true - remember the lies that led to the invasion of Iraq, and to the raid on a "terrorist cell" in east London - then one person ultimately is to blame, as he was on 7 July last year. They were Blair's bombs then; who doesn't believe that 52 Londoners would be alive today had the Prime Minister refused to join Bush in his piratical attack on Iraq? A parliamentary committee has said as much, as have MI5, the Foreign Office,

...By any measure of international law, from Nuremberg to the Geneva accords, Blair is a major prima facie war criminal. The charges against him grow. The latest is his collusion with the Israeli state in its deliberate, criminal attacks on civilians. While Lebanese children were being buried beneath Israeli bombs, he refused to condemn their killers or even to call on them to desist. That a ceasefire was negotiated owed nothing to him, except its disgraceful delay. Not only is it clear that Blair knew about Israel's plans but he alluded approvingly to the ultimate goal: an attack on Iran. Read his neurotic speech in Los Angeles, in which he described an "arc of extremism", stretching from Hezbollah to Iran. He gave not a hint of the arc of injustice and lawlessness of Israel's occupation of Palestine and its devastation of Lebanon. Neither did he attempt to counter the bigotry now directed at all Arabs by the west and by the racist regime in Tel Aviv. His references to "values" are code for a crusade against Islam....

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