SACC Appeal - Help us Educate Against Islamophobia

If you read a newspaper or turn on the TV,  you'll see that Islamophobia and racism are on the rise. If you are Muslim  or black or minority ethnic, you may know it from your own experience.

Islamophobia doesn't stop at the school gates. Our Islamophobia in Edinburgh Schools booklet aims to help school staff and parents throughout Scotland understand the problem and tackle it more effectively. We need your help to get copies of the booklet to those who need them.

We aim to raise £1500 in the next 4 weeks. 

The booklet's author, Samena Dean says:

"My daughter and her Muslim fellow students experienced a number of Islamophobic incidents at their school, which led most of them to be upset and some of them in tears. What struck me was the reluctance to go and tell a teacher that this was happening at school. I was told by my daughter and Muslim students that this was because teachers don't help.

As a Mum, I thought: is this just happening at my daughter's school, or is this widespread? Are other Muslim children in Edinburgh schools suffering as well?

I contacted a number of Muslim after-school Islamic studies and youth groups and asked permission to speak to the pupils. I ended up interviewing 100 pupils."

Islamophobia in Edinburgh Schools documents Samena's findings in an accessible form. It highlights the children's testimonies in their own words. It will help Muslim children who suffer abuse to feel less alone, and help school staff to understand what the children are going through so that they can put an end to the abuse.

"Teachers are in the front line. I feel that they should be promoting human rights and human values. I urge schools to prioritise combating Islamophobia and I urge for teachers to be trained, as my findings show that not all Muslim children have had good experiences of their teachers." - Samena Dean

"If we’re serious about having an anti-bullying strategy that is comprehensive and that focuses on the issues that are most challenging, most severe in our schools, in terms of young people being unfairly treated, and prejudiced and bullied, then this research is key to that. Thank you so much Samena." - Ben Macpherson MSP (Edinburgh Northern and Leith, SNP)

"I was really struck by the concluding remarks in your report which says that you hope it encourages wider society, the council unions and schools to challenge Islamophobia in all its forms. I think that’s the real meat of this report." - Councillor Gordon Munro (Leith, Labour).

Samena and everyone involved in preparing the booklet have donated their time and skills for free. We have so far neither asked for nor received any public funds. We are committed to distributing the booklet free to those who want a copy.

Please help us by sponsoring the booklets. £2 sponsors a booklet.

Your donation will contribute to printing costs and other unavoidable production costs, including the cost of using commercial artwork in the booklet. We pledge to distribute at least the number of booklets we have received sponsorship for.

If you contribute £20 or more, we'll list you (if you wish) as a supporter on our Islamophobia in Edinburgh Schools web page. If you contribute £30 or more, we'll also send you a booklet or two and/or a badge or two (to receive your reward, remember to provide a postal address when making your contribution).

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Other Ways to Donate

If you prefer, you can donate by cheque, posted to the address here (please send us a message saying you have done this. We don't check our post every day, so it may take us a long time to get your donation if you don't tell us about it). Or you can donate by direct transfer to the SACC bank account (please contact us for our account details).

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