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London bombing

In memory of the victims of the London bombs

Friday 8th July: 5.30pm St. Giles Cathedral, Royal Mile, Edinburgh

Rose Gentle will lay a wreath in memory of the victims of the London bombs and all those who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. Rose Gentle's son Gordon was killed while serving with British forces in Iraq.

SACC is appalled at Thursday's muderous attacks on the people of London. We whole-heartedly endorse the following statement from our friends and colleagues in the Stop Political Terror Campaign:

Statement from Stop Political Terror

issued Thursday 7 July

"Stop Political Terror is a coalition which is campaigning against recent anti-terror legislation, which we believe unfairly targets the British Muslim community. We are shocked at the news that there has been a series of explosions across London,with reports of loss of life. We utterly condemn these actions.

We applaud the courage of Londoners and others who have shown calm and have refused to be terrorised by these incidents. We further appeal for restraint and unity at this crucial time.

We respectfully ask the media not to engage in idle speculation against the Muslim community, as this will inevitably lead to a further breakdown in community relations. Half of Britain's Muslims live in London and we have all been the target of terror attacks before, ranging from IRA attacks, through to individuals, such as the Soho nail bomber, who specifically targetted Muslims and other minorities like Blacks and Homosexuals. The latest bombings also took place in areas where there are large Muslim communities,like Whitechapel and Edgware Road. Londoners have shown remarkable resilience and unity in the face of terrorist attacks before.We have no doubt that they shall do so again.