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Guantanamo Arrests

SACC Press Release 10th March 2004
Guantanamo Arrests

Scotland Against Criminalising Communities is outraged at the arrest last night of four of the five men who have just returned from Guantanamo Bay, and we are deeply disturbed by reports from lawyer Gareth Peirce about their treatment by the police

BBC Report

We believe that the men need help and support in recovering from their two years of illegal detention, and we are astonished that the British police have chosen instead to persecute them further.It is quite clear that neither the US authorities nor the British government really believe that the men have engaged in any concrete criminal activity. That is why the men have been released from Guantanamo Bay, and it is why David Blunkett has declared that they are not a threat to theBritish people. The arrests are plainly motivated by the government's imagined political and propaganda needs, and not by the needs of justice. To exploit vulnerable and traumatised people in this way is unforgivable.

Scotland Against Criminalising Communities sends its best wishes to the men and to their friends and families. We hope that they will receive every possible support in rebuilding their lives.