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SACC submits evidence on Islamophobia to Scottish Parliament Inquiry

SACC has filed a submission to The Scottish Parliament's Equalities and Human Rights Committee for the Committee's Inquiry into Bullying and Harassment of  Children and Young People in Schools.

Our submission says that Samena Dean's report on Islamophobia in Edinburgh Schools, which we published last week and endorse, provide important new data on the extent of prejudice and bullying in schools and on how schools respond to bullying.

It says:

"We believe that the strong evidence from children’s testimonies of widespread shortcomings in schools’ responses to Islamophobic incidents points inescapably to the operation of institutional racism in Edinburgh schools. We think it likely that a similar pattern operates throughout Scotland."

Read our submission:

Written submission from SACC to EHRiC (pdf document)

(Our submission can also be found via the Parliaments website: public papers for the 16th RHRiC Meeting - scroll to the end of the document

Samena Dean will be giving oral evidence to the Committee on Thursday 15 June. Hassan Rabbani will also be giving evidence to the Committee, on behalf of the Muslim Council of Scotland. The meeting will start at 9am It is open to the public and anyone can book a ticket (free of charge) for the public gallery, or watch the meeting live on Parliament TV (Committee Room 1).