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Peace Vigil at Edinburgh Central Mosque, Tuesday 20 September


Peace vigil at Edinburgh Central Mosque, 20 September 2016
Peace vigil at Edinburgh Central Mosque, 20 September 2016
Edinburgh UAF

Statement from Muslim Women's Association of Edinburgh (MWAE)

Asalaam alaikum
Peace be upon you
MWAE would like to thank everyone who came to the vigil on Tuesday evening. Your support is greatly appreciated at a time when Muslim communities are suffering a disturbing increase in Islamophobic attacks.

Our group's members volunteer at the Central mosque as well as other mosques in Edinburgh. The attempted arson attack on Central mosque on Sunday 18th September was a hateful crime and we do not want this to stop our Muslims attending mosques or any other community being victimised in this way.

Over 200 well wishers came to stand with us in front of Central mosque as we heard from speakers and held a minutes silence for Peaceto. We remembered the pregnant Muslim woman in Milton Keynes who sadly lost her twin babies after an Islamophobic attack last week and all other victims of hate-crime.

It was a very positive gathering and we would particularly like to thank the speakers:

Ian Murray Labour MP
Tommy Sheppard SNP MP
Melanie Main Green Cllr for Meadows & Morningside
Nick Gardiner Labour Cllr Leith Walk
Jim Orr Independent Cllr Southside/Newington
Donny Gluckstein EIS
Luke Henderson Edinburgh UAF
Message read out on behalf of Kezia Dugdale Scottish Labour
Tasneem Ali spoke on behalf of MWAE
We are very grateful to Edinburgh UAF for helping to organise the vigil and support from Edinburgh STW and SACC.

MWAE would like everyone to know that your support gives us great comfort, strength to face the challenges of hate-crime and hope that together we can overcome these challenges. We wish you all Peace.