Deidre Brock MP: The case for bombing in Syria has simply not been made

Message from Deirdre Brock MP (SNP, Edinburgh North and Leith), 29 September 2015

"Thank you for your message.

The SNP are sceptical and opposed, in the current circumstances, to more military action in Syria. The appalling humanitarian tragedy that we face should not used as a smokescreen for the use of greater military force.

The case for bombing in Syria has simply not been made. We would have to see the legal basis for any future action, and the practicality would have to be much better understood.

Years of experience tells us that interventions can have unforeseen consequences. Many of our interventions and extensions of military action could at best be described as counter-productive and at worst have helped to replenish the dark well from which terrorism is now springing.

Any involvement of British Service Personnel in bombing without the approval of Parliament clearly flouts the democratic decision taken by the House of Commons.

Thank you for writing in to express your concerns on this issue.

Deidre Brock MP
Edinburgh North and Leith"