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Mark Lyon victimised for union work

Grangemouth Unite union convenor Mark Lyon has been sacked for allegedly failing to prevent the union from doing its job and exercising its collective right to freedom of expression

Statement from Unite the Resistance (Scotland)

We condemn the sacking of Unite union convenor Mark Lyon by bosses at Ineos, part of the Grangemouth complex. Incredibly Mark Lyon is accused of failing to stop the union commenting about potential job losses.

Any serious union would regard speaking about jobs as a basic function. This assault follows the blackmailing threat to close the plant by Ineos bosses in October that resulted in the imposition of a three year wage freeze and ban on strikes, the abolition of the existing pension scheme and the removal of full-time union convenors. Unite convenor Stevie Deans was forced out of his job.

Ineos at Grangemouth, and its billionaire boss Jim Ratcliffe, are symbols of the arrogant rule by the rich and their belief that workers must dance to the bosses' tune. We believe it is time to say no and for the fightback to begin. The retreat in October has encouraged Ineos to make further attacks. We hope trade unionists everywhere will condemn Ineos and pledge their support for Ineos workers.

There is a growing mood among large sections of working people for a fight against austerity. Why should workers make endless sacrifices while the rich get richer? Defiance and protest has effectively blocked the bedroom tax in Scotland. Protests and strikes can beat bosses like Ratcliffe. Union rights is one of the issues we will take to the demonstration at the Scottish Tory conference in Edinburgh on 15 March.

We also call on MSPs and MPs and the leaders of the SNP and Labour to support union rights, to demand this sacking is reversed and to halt all aid and grants to Ineos until it is.

We must insist Labour supports Unite. If Ineos says again it will close the plant then it should be taken into public ownership under democratic control. Solidarity with Grangemouth workers!

Unite the Resistance Scotland Steering Committee