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Campaigners accuse Glasgow City Council of corruption

Press Release from the 100 Promises Campaign


The 100 Promises Campaign is hosting a press conference for all Scottish media, to expose our findings on Glasgow City Council corruption in a new dossier. We will also provide footage and pdf copies of the dossier for syndication and online media.


DATE: Tues 19th Nov 2013
LOCATION: The Mary Barbour suite, The Pearce Institute, 840-860 Govan Rd, Glasgow G51 3UU
TIME: 12:30pm.


  • The 100 Promises Campaign is the community campaign formed during the last local election to hold politicians to account. It took on the name when Labour was re-elected on the basis of its 100 Promises manifesto document.
  • The campaign has found corruption to be a barrier to the Council fulfilling its manifesto. After several occassions where corruption became a barrier to the Council enacting their promises the campaign decided to challenge this corruption.
  • The launch on Tuesday of the dossier will bring to light everything that the campaign has been made aware of. A press conference is being held in Johann Lamont's constituency to draw attention to these issues at the highest level within Scottish Labour. Following the publication of the dossier, the dossier will be passed on to the police.


The 100 Promises Campaign says it will bare all on Tuesday, when it publishes a dossier into corruption at Glasgow City Council.

The campaign has been building up the dossier on corruption since it says it was forced to act following the Council's failure to act over the corrupt £500,000 payout to Ronnie Saez following the charity's regulator calling the payout "misconduct." The Council took no action to recover the money or punish the two councillors who voted for this payout.

When Labour was re-elected it made a range of promises to the people of Glasgow. Some of these were due to be fulfilled this year, but the campaign believes were not because of corruption and mismangement.

"In order to fully hold the Council to account and ensure they do their job, we need to put a stop to the corruption that is holding them back. That is why we are publishing all of our evidence on Tuesday, and passing this information on to the police," Campaign organiser Nick Durie said.

The Campaign is hosting the press conference for all Scottish media, and will also provide footage and pdf copies of the dossier for syndication.

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