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Scottish Afghan Society rejects Conference on Afghanistan

International Players Meeting In London To Play With The Nation Of Afghanistan and its People

Press release from the Scottish Afghan Society

The Scottish Afghan Society rejects such International conference of International players who are gathering in London on the 28th of January in the name peace and reconciliation. Afghanistan does not need such a conference where third parties who are not even Afghans decide the future of 32 million Afghans.

Nine years on and the west still do not know what to do about Afghanistan. The London conference is based on to buy the Taliban and to set a side 500 million US dollar. In the nine years of invasion the west still does not want to know why the other guy fights. After nine years of war against the Taliban and other groups such as Hezb-e-slami and the Haqani group and yet the west continues to deny that their enemies are fighting them in the name of Ideology, Faith, Tribe and Tradition.

The Afghan government heading on the wrong road to achieve peace.

  • The President of Afghanistan should set directly with the enemy rather than going through a third party. He should form a commission of Tribal elders to negotiate with the enemy on behalf of his government rather than coming to London.
  • The British Prime Minster and his allies should have invited the real enemy who fight them to London conference rather than Hamid Karzai.
  • Those who fight the invasion are not invited it is a failure for the conference itself
  • Who is going to guarantee the lives of those who join the peace process will not be killed and assassinated by Northern Alliance, the US and others? Karzai has no power to provide that.
  • Two hundred and fifty Young innocent British soldiers are killed in Afghanistan but the Britain and its allies still do not know who to talk to.
  • No matter how hard Gordon Brown try he will still not win the next general election as we all know it is just a PR exercise and nothing more than that.
  • Finally this conference will be another slap on the face of Hamid Karzai and the west is going to humiliate again but the Afghan people will be dumped by the west and this conference in particular.

Notes to Editors

Afghanistan is in a mess now and no one is able to fix the problem except the Afghans themselves. According to the reports more than £6 million in cash is being smuggled out of Afghanistan every day, a report by anti-fraud investigators has revealed.

The sum is equivalent to more than £2.3bn a year, or more than three times the government's official tax and customs revenue, in a country plagued by corruption. Investigators found the cash leaving Afghanistan is taken out mainly stuffed in suitcases through Kabul airport and most ended up in the United Arab Emirates. Other corruption costs Afghans $2.5 billion a year, a United Nations agency said on Tuesday, with the scale of bribery matching Afghanistan's opium trade.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) said a national survey it conducted showed Afghans were more concerned by public dishonesty than insecurity or unemployment.

"Bribery is a crippling tax on people who are already among the world's poorest," UNODC's Executive Director Antonio Maria Costa said in a statement, adding the scale of corruption was equivalent to nearly a quarter of the country's economic output. On the top of these War criminals such General Fahim (first vice-President) and General Abdul Rashid Doustom are back in his cabinet.

The Scottish Afghan Society rejects the London conference as we believe it does not represent the interest of the Afghan people. We welcome any peace negotiation which benefits the people of Afghanistan. We urge the British government to involve the Taliban and other groups to be present in the London conference and not through a third party who do not represent the interest of Afghans. We urge the international community to hold direct talks with the enemy and reach to a political settlement.