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National Demo planned against the war in Afghanistan

Stop the War has produced the following model resolution on the Afghanistan war, for use by trade unions and other organisations or groups:

This {branch/group} notes that nearly 200 British soldiers have now died in Afghanistan alongside a far greater number of Afghan civilians and that the military situation there continues to deteriorate. It further notes that the Afghan government has lost all domestic and international credibility due to its corruption, involvement in the drug trade, warlordism and repressive legislation, which is aimed against women in particular.

We also note that the military conflict is spilling over into Pakistan with potentially catastrophic consequences.

We believe that there needs urgently to be a political solution to the crisis in Afghanistan, which can only be achieved by the Afghan people themselves without external interference. One of the essential pre-requisites for such a solution is the ending of the war and the withdrawal of all foreign troops.

We therefore support the demonstration on troop withdrawal called for October 24 in London and pledge to mobilise for a large turnout.

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