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Hunt for race attackers

By Jamie Borthwick Clydebank Post

A STUDENT has told how he now fears leaving his home after being beaten and racially abused by a gang of weapon-wielding teens.

The 22-year-old Asian man was walking home when he was approached by the tracksuit-clad thugs who demanded a cigarette.

When the victim, who asked not to be named, said he had none, the mob attacked him with a metal pole and spat a volley of racist abuse at him, demanding he hand over his money.

The man, who moved to Clydebank from India three-and-a-half years ago, was walking home from his work in Parkhall around midnight on Sunday February 15 when the terrifying attack took place.

The studious resident told the Post: “I crossed over Kilbowie Road and the boy came up asking me for a cigarette and told them I didn’t have any.

"I walked on and they crossed over again and started giving me racist abuse and said 'give us your money or we’ll stab you'.

"One of them had a shiny metal object like a dagger and I tried to get away from them.

"As I turned round one of them hit me on the back and arm with a pole."

The racist teens then hurled a block of wood at the victim as he dashed for the safety of his home, where he called the police.

He added: "The attackers said ‘you black b******’ and I said 'who are you talking to?'.

"I came here from outside Europe and I now feel so insecure to go out at night.

"Anything could happen and I feel like they now know my face and could come back.

"I'm in here on my own — my family’s not here — and I feel very alone now."

Clydebank police confirmed a man was assaulted with intent to rob around 12am on Sunday February 15, near Cornock Street, Radnor Park.

Detective Constable Allen Leith said: "This was a nasty and unprovoked attack which has left the victim extremely shaken and upset.

"We are treating this as a racist attack and would appeal to anyone who saw the incident take place, heard the exchange or knows who is responsible to contact Clydebank CID on telephone 0141 532 3300.

"Any piece of information could prove significant in the investigation of this crime."

One suspect is described as white, aged between 14 and 15-years-old, with a slim build and short, black, spiky hair.

He was wearing a white tracksuit top with bright orange stitching and black tracksuit bottoms.

The other suspect is white, aged between 14 and 15-years-old, around 5ft tall, slim build with black spiky hair and wearing a black tracksuit.