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Hundreds demonstrate against BBC in Scotland

There were several protests across the UK at BBC studios in addition to the one were Nazi Nick appeared on Question Time. For more on the London protest see .


In Glasgow up to 250 anti-fascists held a lively protest and rally outside the BBC Scotland headquarters. A group of around 30 tried to storm the front door but BBC security staff and police foiled their plans.

A strong trade union presence, including UCU, EIS, Unite (T&G Housing), Unison, and Clydebank Trades Council, joined with NUS Scotland, groups of students from local FE colleges and universities, Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees, Stop the War, representatives from local mosques, plus councillors and members of Labour, SNP, and the Greens.

This was an important first step towards the “Don’t Vote Nazi” campaign in the upcoming Glasgow North East by-election, and building a mass counter-protest to the proposed demo by the Nazi-led racist bigots, “Scottish Defence League”, in the next few weeks.

Pictures - Glasgow BBC Unite Against Fascism Protest


Despite the demo being advertised to begin at 5.30pm, people started to arrive at five - the anger at the BBC's decision was clear. As the light faded, a hundred strong crowd gathered to listen to teachers, trade unionists, community workers, Muslims, local residents, gay men and women, as they shared their fears and concerns about a BNP Britain. Some stories were sad, some were funny and some were too rude to publish here. But by the end of it, we knew our neighbour a little better and recognised our collective strength. As the chant went, 'there are many many more of us than you. Smash the BNP'.


Around 20 people gathered outside the BBC offices. The response from the public was very supportive and most people were in agreement that he should not be given a platform to spout his poison. The local Courier newspaper covered the protest and many passers by took leaflets and commended the action of the protesters, which included students, school kids, trade unionists, pensioners and members of Dundee's Central Mosque.