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Anwar to be cleared by Law Society

The Firm

An investigation by the Law Society into the conduct of human rights specialist Aamer Anwar is understood to be about to conclude that the solicitor did not breach the solicitors' Code of Conduct when he spoke out after the conviction of his client Atif Siddique.

Siddique was convicted under new terrorism legislation and sentenced to eight years imprisonment. Following the conviction, Anwar had said the verdict was a travesty for justice, and that his client had been convicted for "seeking answers on the internet."

His remarks led to Anwar being referred by presiding Judge Lord Carloway on criminal charges for contempt of court, although the High Court concluded that no contempt had been committed.

The Firm understands that despite Anwar's acquittal, the Law Society initiated their own review without any complaint being received from the public or the profession.

The Firm has been told that the Law Society will formally conclude their investigation and announce that there has been no breach of the Code of Practice by Anwar sometime during next month.

The Law Society have declined to comment.