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Protests will mark George Bush's Visit To London

Message from the Stop the War Coalition

When journalist George Monbiot was asked last week why he had tried to exercise a citizen's arrest on neocon John Bolton - one of the prime instigators of the Iraq war - he replied, "We must ensure that people do not forget. This is not an ordinary political mistake which was committed in Iraq. This was the supreme international crime, which led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. Those people were not killed in the ordinary sense; they were murdered. And they were murdered by the authors of that war, who are the greatest mass murderers of the twenty-first century so far." (see George Monbiot, Commentisfree )

On Sunday 15 June, the mass murderer-in-chief George Bush will be visiting Britain to meet with Gordon Brown, who continues to collude obediently with Bush's war crimes. Stop the War, in conjunction with CND, has called a demonstration on that day, which will assemble in Parliament Square at 1pm.

Our message will be, war criminals are not welcome here. We have not forgotten the monumental crimes against Iraq and its people, which -- as Independent journalist Patrick Cockburn has revealed -- Bush is planning to extend into perpetuity, by getting the puppet Iraqi government to rush through a law making the US occupation permanent. Under this law, US troops would occupy permanent bases, conduct military operations, arrest Iraqis and enjoy immunity for any crimes they commit. (See The Independent )

Leading political, legal and cultural figures are joining the campaign to say that George Bush is not welcome here and that he should be conducted to a war crimes tribunal that holds him to account for prosecuting an illegal war. They include playwright and Nobel Prize winner Harold Pinter, human rights lawyer Louise Christian, former Guantanamo detainee, Moazzam Begg, novelist Iain Banks and actor Roger Lloyd Pack. Excerpts from some of the statements, are given below.

George Bush should be left in no doubt that the majority of people in this country have always opposed his war policies and want the withdrawal of all British troops from Iraq now. We are calling on Gordon Brown to end the British government's servile collusion with the "war on terror", which is in reality a war of terror waged across the world by American foreign policy.


Below are statements by three prominent figures joining the campaign to say: George Bush not welcome here. Together with many more, they will be handed in to Gordon Brown at Downing Street as part of our demonstration on Sunday 15 June. We are encouraging all our supporters to contact any leading politician, trade unionist, member of the the legal profession or celebrity in the world of the arts that they know and ask them to add their statement.

HAROLD PINTER, playwright and Nobel prize winner: "There is no more suitable candidate for Leading War Criminal than George Bush. The only person that comes anywhere near him is Tony Blair. They are both beneath contempt. Bush should certainly be arrested and sent to Guantanamo Bay where he can rot forever."

LOUISE CHRISTIAN, human rights lawyer: "George Bush bears a heavy responsibility as the leader of the most powerful country in the world who has comprehensively turned his back on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 and the whole concept of international law."

MOAZZAM BEGG, former Guantanamo detainee: "History will judge G.W. Bush as the man who wreaked devastation and destruction on earth even as he was having men tortured in the world's most notorious and secret prisons."