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The Left Unite Behind Tommy Sheridan, says Solidarity

Statement from Solidarity, Scotland's Socialist Movement

Socialists and campaigners from across the UK and beyond have united around a rally in Glasgow this Saturday in support of Solidarity Co-Convenor Tommy Sheridan and the six members of his party and his family that have been charged in the politically-motivated action by Lothian and Borders Police.

The rally will feature trades union leaders, justice campaigners and political parties and has attracted the support of celebrities and the general public. Jim Monaghan of the 'Defend Tommy Sheridan Campaign' said:

"there is nowhere else at the moment where you will find unity across the UK left at one meeting. The main non-Labour Party trade unions (FBU, PCS, RMT), both sides of the split in RESPECT, the Socialist Party in England, civil liberties and justice campaigners from across the UK, are united in their support for Tommy and against this witch-hunt."

Meanwhile the London regional executive of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) unanimously agreed to add their support to the campaign. John McVeigh, London FBU Regional Secretary, said:

"The fact that we are 500 miles away shows how Tommy's staunch support of firefighters during our dispute and with local issues in Scotland has resonated across the UK. We wish Tommy and Gail and his supporters every success in their fight against these quite outrageous charges."

The DEFEND TOMMY SHERIDAN/DEFEND THE SHERIDAN 7 rally takes place at Langside halls in Glasgow, Saturday 7th June at 1pm. Trades Union Leaders Bob Crow (RMT), Kenny Ross (FBU) and Janice Godrich (PCS) will join justice campaigners Gerry Conlon (Guildford 4) Paddy Hill (Birmingham 6), John McManus (MOJO) and speakers from Solidarity, SWP, CWI and the Socialist Party in England on the platform.