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Hicham refuses to be transported to 5th detention centre

From a group of Nottingham residents, concerned students and academics at the University of Nottingham.

Following the cancellation order on his deportation and despite being unjustly incarcerated for over two weeks, Hicham Yezza (1) has received news that he is to be transported to a fifth detention centre (2). He released this statement today from Colnbrook immigration removal centre:

"I have just been informed that I am to be move to a detention centre in Dover. This would be the fifth movement in 9 days and is therefore unacceptable. It is deeply and saddening for both myself and my visitors it is also a great source of distress at this time and an affront to human dignity and my human right to be treated with respect and consideration. I am thus categorical refusing to go.

I am not a piece of luggage, but a human being and deserve to be treated as such."

Despite the existence of a long term facility adjacent to Hicham's current location he is once more being transported. Staff and students supporting Hicham are highlighting that his dignity should should not come second to the interests of private sector detention centres whose main aim is to delay release procedures and maximise profits. Given that the outcome of his bail application is imminent; this renders further transportation unnecessary, such disruption would not only violate Hicham's right to private life through contact with visitors and the outside world but places a needless burden on the tax payer.

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Notes for editors:

  1. Hicham's arrest took place on Wednesday 14th May. Rizwaan Sabir, an MA Politics research student was also arrested. Both were released without charge six days later. It has subsequently become clear that these arrests, which related to so-called "radical materials" involved an Al Qaeda manual downloaded by Sabir from an official US Government website, as part of his dissertation research into political Islam, and emailed to Yezza for printing. Hicham is employed as PA to the Head of the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, Professor Lesley Milne.
  2. Hicham was re-arrested on immigration grounds. Hicham was re-arrested under immigration legislation and charged with offences relating to his immigration status. On Friday 23rd May, the Home Office informed his solicitor that he was being removed on Sunday 1st June and Hicham was moved to an immigration detention centre.

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