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'Blood Hungry' police arrests continue from Bush demo 15 June

Source: Stop the War Coalition

Police have continued to arrest demonstrators who took part in the protest at George Bush's visit on 15 June.

Reported by the Daily Mail as 'Blood hungry', the policing of the demo was widely criticised. A press conference held afterwards heard Bianca Jagger and composer Keith Burnstein criticise the police conduct on the day, and one of the demonstrators who was beaten showed his wounds to the press.

So it comes as some surprise to read months later that the Police are now looking for several people who attended the demo. The Stop the War Coalition have organised over 20 peaceful demonstrations against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The police reaction to this demonstration was the most violent we have seen, and media reports from the time will show this.

If you have been contacted by the police, phone the Stop the War office on 020 72786694. Prior to this, please do contact a solicitor.

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