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Babar Ahmad - Europe to decide within weeks

UPDATE form the Free Babar Ahmad Campaign Monday 28th April 2008

The European Court of Human Rights is expected to come to a decision regarding Babar Ahmad's appeal very soon.

Previously, the President of the Grand Chamber in the European Court requested that a hold be placed on the extradition, to allow them to give the case 'proper consideration'.

If the European Court of Human Rights refuses to intervene, then no other appeal stage remains and Babar would be extradited to the US imminently.

Babar Ahmad's family stated: "We hope that the European Court will decide that Babar should not be extradited, especially without a prima facie case. This is our last hope for Babar to be given justice as we feel that the assurance given by the US are not sufficient in safeguarding Babar's Human Rights. We continue to have hope whilst remaining positive and pray for Babar's swift return."