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Yvonne Ridley censored

Yvonne Ridley's show censored

Speaking at the Stop the War Coalition's Scottish conference in Glasgow on Saturday, Yvonne Ridley said she still had no idea why her highly-regarded "Agenda" programme had be take off the air by the Islam Channel.

There has been some speculation that it had been axed due to pressure from communications watchdog Ofcom. But Ofcom deny this and add that they wouldn't act in such a way. The Islam channel has so far responded to messages asking for the programme to be re-instated by saying that it is not prepared to discuss the matter.

John Rees, national secretary of Respect, is amognst tye many people to have contacted the channel asking for the programme to be restored. He says:

"As you know everyone in the anti-war movement and in Respect has the greatest possible admiration for the programme, for Yvonne's journalism and for the Islam Channel's courage in airing one of the few progammes on television that gives a platform to those whose views are not aligned with the government and the political establishment."

"I very much hope that the programme will recommence as soon as possible. It is one of the few places where serious issues are debated thoroughly. The impact of withdrawing such a forum or of limiting Yvonne's contribution to broadcasting can only be to make those already alienated from the political process feel even more desperate and disenfranchised. If even the most courageous broadcasters can be silenced I fear that many may lose all hope in politics."