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Trial raises question of what MI5 knew about 7/7

9 May 2007
World Socialist Website

Following a series of damning revelations during the trial of seven men for their roles in the alleged "fertiliser bomb plot," the government is continuing to dismiss calls for an independent inquiry into the July 7, 2005, London bombings.

...The trial heard that, several months before the accused were arrested, police had been tipped off by the storage unit as to the quantity of fertiliser being held on its premises. Having replaced the fertiliser with a harmless substance, a plainclothes police officer was stationed at the reception whilst hidden surveillance cameras recorded everyone attending the facility. "Operation Crevice" was therefore intended as a massive information-gathering exercise.

...MI5's claims regarding Khan and Tanweer are, moreover, contradicted by a 37-page document compiled for the Crown Prosecution Service, which was revealed by the Sunday Times on May 6. According to the newspaper, the CPS document states that "MI5 surveillance showed the pair [Khan and Tanweer] 'were concerned with intended terrorist activity' when they met with a gang planning a bombing at the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent." It also states that Kahn was "identified" six months before he carried out the July 7 bombings.

...What of the role of "supergrass" Babar, who was given immunity from prosecution in Britain after pleading guilty to terrorism offences in a New York court?