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Scotland joins Guantanamo protests

MSPs, campaigning groups and individuals pledged at a meeting held in Scottish Parliament today to press for the closure of the the US prison camp at Guantanamo Bay.

Campaigners wearing orange boilersuits had earlier in the day gathered outside the US Consulate in Edinburgh to protest against the Guantanamo prison camp and had handed in a letter expressing their concerns. The protest was supported by Amnesty International, Scotland Against Criminalising Communities and Edinburgh Stop The War Coalition. Afterwards the campaigners, still wearing the orange boilersuits, braved wind and rain to walk through the city centre to participate in a lunchtime meeting in the Scottish Parliament hosted by Solidarity MSP Tommy Sheridan and attended by MSPs from the Scottish Green Party, the Scottish National Party, the Scottish Liberal Democrats and the Scottish Socialist Party.

The protests were part of an Interanational Day of Action against Guantanamo.

SACC Press Release