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Mosques support Aamer Anwar

Statement from the Muslim Action Committee and Glasgow Stop the War Coalition

Today the Muslim organisations of all the Glasgow mosques met together and decided to form a Muslim Action Committee to support the lawyer Aamer Anwar. They agreed that Aamer Anwar is being made a scapegoat. They have passed a resolution to ask everyone in all communities to support this just cause and sign the petition circulated by Glasgow Stop the War. The Committee also resolved to work with and assist the Stop the War Coalition.

It has been decided that Aamer's case will be raised at Friday prayers tomorrow at all mosques across Glasgow. This is a new development in the Muslim community and shows the depth of mistrust for the official response to the war on terror as well as the growing support for Aamer Anwar

Glasgow Stop the War welcomes the formation of the Committee and pledges to work with it to defend Aamer Anwar and the right to protest.