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Close Guantanamo - Resolution at Holyrood

S2M-5403 Tommy Sheridan (Glasgow) (Sol) : Close Guantanamo Bay— That the Parliament notes that today, Thursday 11 January 2007, marks the fifth anniversary of the arrival of the first prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, the US-run detention and prison camp in Cuba; further notes that around 400 individuals are still detained in Guantanamo Bay prison camp without charges being laid against them and that many have been detained for years without charges or access to legal representation; believes that Guantanamo Bay prison camp represents an affront to democracy and a cruel abuse of human rights which further fuels the sense of hatred, injustice and inequality which often leads to acts of individual terrorism rather than being a useful tool in any way, shape or form against terrorism; believes that Guantanamo Bay represents a form of state terrorism by the United States of America and that it should be closed immediately with all individuals improperly detained entitled to hear charges brought against them with proper legal representation or be released; welcomes the screening of the documentary “Outlawed - Torture, Extraordinary Rendition and Disappearances in the “War on Terror”” in Committee Room 3 today, 11 January 2007, at 12:30 pm, and applauds the role of the American Civil Liberties Union in promoting this documentary.

Supported by: Ms Rosemary Byrne, Campbell Martin, Eleanor Scott, Ms Sandra White