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British Pakistani detained in Pakistan

British Pakistani Rangzieb Ahmed is being held in Pakistan in mysterious circumstances. He has family in Manchester. A relative told SACC that Rangzieb - who was born in Britain - went to Pakistan in 2003, intending to settle there. He came back to Britain in 2006 and then returned to Pakistan. In August 2006 the family were contacted by the British police who told them that Rangzieb has been arrested in Pakistan. The police provided no real explanation for the arrest, nor did the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

But a report appeared in a local Urdu newspaper on the 13th of April 2007, stating that Rangzieb was locked up in Adiala prison, Rawalpindi. The family again contacted the FCO. As a result of this the British Consulate got in touch with the Pakistani authorities. They said that Rangzieb was being held under the Pakistani security act and claimed that he is a dual national.

Rangzieb then appeared in court and an was given another 2 months in Adiala prison.

Staff from the British consulate went to the Adiala prison and tried to see him but weren't allowed to do so. But the Pakistani authorities are now saying that they are not sure if he is a dual national.

Rangzieb's family are very concerned for his well-being. They say that before being sent to Adiala Prison he was taken by the Pakistani IsI and the CIA to an unknown place somewhere in Pakistan where he was held for 8 months and tortured. In Adiala he is still unable to see or write to anyone.

Rangzieb is due to appear in court in Pakistan again later this month, but the circumstances are unclear.

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